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Leadership II (team building, typology)

The training is focused on looking for the quality as the source of growing performance of the team (instead of looking for the solutions in the quantity).

The prerequisite of well-working teams is the suitable combination of the advantages that are the dominant strong points of individual team members. A professional leader should be able to recognize the strong points of his/her coworkers and utilize this knowledge when assigning the work tasks.

The training is based on exercises helping to develop the ability to discover the various qualities of the fellow workers. Through the professional methods, the participants will come to know their own profiles, thus multiplying their skill of recognizing the so far hidden and unused capacities of the collaborators.

The aim of the training is to help the leaders building up working teams that will become a showcase of their potential and professionalism.

In such teams, it is possible to count on the real synergistic effect arising from the seven pillars of teamwork.