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Conflict management

During the working process in everyday life of a team, many smaller and bigger misunderstandings accumulate. Sometimes these appear to be the potential conflict launchers, therefore they are being put off, not being solved, sometimes becoming a taboo.

However, this only speeds up the misapprehension turning into the tension and following conflicts. In such cases emotions may overcome reason and common sense, which has negative influence on working performance of individuals as well as the team as whole.

The conflict management training is focused on acquiring the practices active in prevention of arising misunderstandings.

At this training the participants will also master the skill of achieving relief through unblocking impassable communication channels.

The mechanism of solving the conflicts is based on the philosophy of both sides’ victory instead of defeating the opponent.

The training will reveal unexpected facilities for turning the working and interpersonal conflicts into a chance for achieving the higher quality of relationships at the workplace.