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The work of the individuals has sense mostly when they mutually complement their skills and give performance higher than the total sum of their individual performances – they achieve synergy effect.

This requires seven elementary principles (or processes) functioning in the working team: communication, motivation, goal orientation, system, competences, acceptance and trust.

The training is composed as a combination of outdoor and indoor exercises where the participants are able to find the meanings of respective pillars of the efficient teamwork. During the training, the attendants solve many tasks that are composed in a way so they can be solved only in team cooperation. In case of success as well as failure, sufficient material is formed to help the participants and provide them with many directions for utilization in their further teamwork.

At the training, the attendant groups that are also working teams apparently get together, often communicating also uncomfortable issues that have been put off for longer time. This leads to unblocking of the potential that results in previously unseen work engagement and cooperation of the whole team.

This is inevitably followed by positive work results.