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Professional communication

During our career we find out that the school prepared us excellently from the technical point of view, however, we carry only little habits and skills necessary for teamwork.

The elementary prerequisite of successful teamwork is the capability of professional communication.

The aim of the training is to help the participants to understand the psychological principles and the communication processes and to apply them in the professional practice. The aim is to be able to undertake the responsibility for understanding, to develop the ability of perceiving the needs of oneself and one’s partners and to use appropriate motivation to make them experience the cheerful feeling of open and free communication, which leads to meeting the planned objectives.

The training helps to improve the communication because the users test the effects of new tools (mostly the professional feedback) to enhance their understanding. The attendants abandon those settings that make them looking for culprit in anyone but themselves. This is to avoid potential misunderstandings and to build mutual respect and regard, which make the conditions for successful teamwork.