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Leadership III (delegaion, coaching)

The training is mainly focused on the methods and tools that will allow the leaders to free from the overload of the operative work and concentrate preferentially on the conceptual work.

The participants encounter the destructive consequences of non-delegation. They feel overloaded and the coworkers feel to be underrated by constant control or lack of confidence and competence for the task they are responsible for.
After this training, the delegating turns from the ‘task transferring’ to a tool for the direct motivation and development of other collaborators.

The training also helps the leaders to master the most up-to-date methods of directing the staff, dependent on the individual degree of personal and professional growth. When tasking the collaborators, the absolvent of this training will rely on a power of the common goal setting ("SMART" way) rather than on directive giving orders.
Through the systematic individual work with the coworkers (coaching), the leader creates a huge potential around himself/herself, which responds by higher performance.

All this will be possible only if the leader has enough space. He is able to create such space just because the delegating ability. He can rely on the people who manage completing the tasks because he/she has opened them new horizons by coaching.