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Total quality management

The working process is governed by internal contractor-consumer relations. If one link of the chain submits its product in lower quality or too late, it causes problems of the consumer in accomplishing the tasks, because the consumer must finish the backlog, fix any defects, or catch up with the lost deadline.

This implies further error accumulation, low quality and increasing time-stress. Losses cumulating in such working process are the wasted cost of the company bringing the disadvantages for the competition.

If you have decided to put and end to the inefficiency and internal losses of your company’s working process, we have appropriate training activities for you, oriented towards professional communication and strifeless negotiations, but also an interesting ‘economy for non-economists’ where your staff will see the impacts of their decisions and everyday work on the earnings of the company.

You will immediately appreciate the benefit of these trainings – people will better understand how they are able to contribute to the profit formation of your company and will transform the new knowledge into their professional experience.