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Selling skills I, II, ...

During various business meetings, often a situation occurs when we have to deal with sneaky business and negotiation strategies of well-trained business partners.

The training is focused on techniques allowing efficient search for new customers, increased sale, and prices without groundless rebates. Professional vendors will be equipped with skills of positively affecting the purchase decisions of customer and thus apparently influence the company’s revenue growth.

At the training, the participants will refine their argumentation techniques as well as the capability of keeping the price, or to use the tactics within the fair-play limits at the right moment to push the customer to the purchase decision.

At this training, the attendants will improve their skills of conducting a business negotiation with complicated, difficult or problematic business partners. The training develops the vendor’s skills to work on maintaining the relations with the existing customers on professional as well as personal level, which reduces the chances for success of the competitors at the respective customer.