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Business economy

Every employee of the company occupies his/her position because of respective economic and business intentions of the employer.
However, the expectations of the company management are often miscomprehended.
The top manager express themselves in terms such as ‘return on investment’, ‘seeking for cheaper financial resources’, ‘cutting the stock level’, ‘shortening the turnover period’, ‘improving cash-flow’, etc.
However, the staff members only hardly orientate within these terms and therefore they ask questions: ‘How many pieces am I to sell?’ ‘How many tons to produce?’ ‘What are the stock limits?’ ‘How many resources do I have for the bonus?’ Therefore, the vertical communication becomes inefficient and in top management it leads to the feelings of loneliness and misunderstanding. Though, the workers have the natural desire to know their roles and shares of responsibility for achieving the common business aims.
The way goes through boosting the economical awareness. At this training, the staff encounters the principles of company economics and gets oriented in the background. They will see how they can themselves affect the profit formation of the company. They will be willing to become trusted partners of the top managers and active co-creators of the developing measures in the company.
The training is conducted as a simulation of company processes. The participants in the role of a fictitious company management have to lead the company to required results by introducing various recovery measures. Due to the efficient visualization, learning this way is quick and the participants immediately set their own personal action plans.